Sweden's most experienced movers

Over the course of the roughly 155,000 moves Freys Express has handled so far, we’ve figured out the best way to do things. The main points have been collected and systematised as part of the work methodology that everyone at Freys Express learns. We call it systematic moving.

Systematic moving – the art of walking with fewer steps

Our collective experience has, among other things, led to an approach that can be described as “managing with the least amount of steps”. Using careful planning, clearly-assigned roles, and a certain amount of discipline, each mover ends up taking only the steps that are absolutely necessary. When each employee knows exactly what to do – and what not to do – we can save 10–30% of our clients’ time and money.

An unbroken, integrated chain for moving logistics

Freys Express offers efficient moves through an integrated chain consisting of six local offices and carries out international moves with the help of carefully selected partners. We employ several of the country’s leading experts in intercontinental moving assignments. With meticulously developed methods, we also help companies and organizations to change addresses with the least possible impact on daily operations and on the environment.

Strong arms & warm hearts

Basically, we are and will remain movers of all genders – and we are proud of our work. We help people move and hopefully ensure a good start at their new address. We like to talk about our methods and logistical systems, but first and foremost, we want to help people. Our many team members from different backgrounds are a great example of that. For us, it doesn’t matter where a person comes from. What matters is what we can do together.

Just as we’ve helped so many customers settle into their new homes over the years, we’ve also supported many of our employees in their journeys to settle safely into Swedish society. Our approach is to create a welcoming and open work environment.