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Moving internationally outside of Europe usually means that your shipment has to be transported by sea or air, which requires more planning. Our international move coordinators are specially trained experts with more than 20 years of experience in intercontinental moving. They can help guide you to the right decisions, big and small, as well as keep track of all the different aspects and schedules, and even prepare everything on site before you arrive yourself. Our decades in the moving industry have given us a deep understanding of getting shipments to all corners of the Earth. It has also helped us establish contacts with valuable international partners, which no one would want to be without.

We always start by listening
For most people, moving abroad is the start of a new adventure. A lot of things need to be taken care of, both at your new address and your soon-to-be former address. There’s so much to do that it can easily feel overwhelming and daunting. Don’t hesitate to schedule a free phone consultation with us to answer any questions you might have.

The next step is a meeting to go through everything in detail. We take time to address any issues with potential questions and concerns – like, for example, items you should transport yourself, the estimated moving schedule, and if there are specific items, we should be extra careful with during transport.

From here to the location of your new adventure – we take care of the whole thing

Moving to another continent is more complex than moving to another part of Europe and requires meticulous and well-managed logistics, carefully monitored schedules, a solid handle on customs documents, and a whole lot more. But you’re in safe hands. Each of our experts has been doing it for more than 20 years. Plus, Freys Express has been helping with international household removals and relocations since the 1940s. Today, a large part of Sweden’s experts in international moving logistics work at Freys Express. We oversee and organize the details of your international move so that it all goes according to plan. This includes keeping detailed inventories of your belongings, packing your valuables with care, and handling all the complicated administrative tasks and paperwork required to move your adventure door-to-door.

When you move abroad, additional insurance is required for coverage in the unlikely event that something is damaged during transport. Freys Express offers one of the most competitively affordable moving insurance packages for such coverage on the market. Learn more

Storage & warehousing
You might have some furniture and belongings that won’t be going with you on your adventure abroad, but you still want to keep them. You can store them with Freys Express in any of the specially adapted, secure, and climate-controlled warehouse facilities in our six locations throughout the country. Read more about our storage services

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The moving abroad checklist

For many people, moving abroad is the start of a great adventure. But as a rule, it takes more planning than moving domestically within the same country. We’ll help you through the entire process of relocating your household or company – monitoring logistics, following up on transport schedules, and keeping you informed with regular updates – so that you can deal with everything else about your moving to another country. To streamline the process, Freys Express has created a checklist compiling the most common questions that need to be answered before moving abroad.

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