From Hong Kong to LA or anywhere else, with global move management

Global move management, as known as third-party logistics, pertains to the relocation between two countries, of which neither is the home country of the person that’s moving – like, for example, if a Swedish person moves from England to the US. Managing these types of moves is one of our specialities at Freys Express, due to our vast experience and solid infrastructure. We can administer and monitor the transport of a moving shipment all over the world, keeping it safe and secure.

Global move management based on experience
The experience of the team members in our international moving department is an invaluable foundation when it comes to global move management. They understand better than anyone else the difference in regulations for transporting moving shipments throughout the world and how to successfully anticipate and respond to any that may hinder your relocation.

With our international partners, anything is possible
A key part of our invaluable experience in international moving is knowing the right people and the right companies to work with. Over the years, we’ve built strong, and often personal, relationships with counterparts at major moving companies around the world. We work primarily through the two world-leading collaborative organisations in the industry: Harmony and IAM.

Reliable organisational partnership
At Freys, we also have a lot of experience helping large organisations relocate and move. We can adapt to the policies of any organisational customer. Our systems and processes are built to handle complex global moving agreements, while also providing important information quickly and clearly to everyone involved.

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